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I am a visual person and a chart and graph nerd. It just how I understand things surrounded me.

Fear is why

“At the end of every dark path you travel there will always be light.” Before jump in the dark path, I can walk away and tell myself that is not what I want to do. After jump in, I need … Continue reading

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Noun.  Firmness of mind or spirit : unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger– This is the first time after several months since last time I watched TED Talks. Recently, I have been experiencing career development difficulties, the topic “The key to success? Grit” … Continue reading

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Today, I was trying to describe a taste, not sweetness, not bitterness, not saltines, not sourness in English, and I couldn’t figure it out. After research, I found the word I need- ASTINGENCY. It is a taste that “contain tannins … Continue reading

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This blog is about a first generation of female Asian American settled down in the mid-West at her early 30’s, trying to overcome her language barrier, develop a career and enjoy a new lifestyle. If you are interested read on. I … Continue reading

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