Fear is why

At the end of every dark path you travel there will always be light- by Aj on Flickr

At the end of every dark path you travel there will always be light- by Aj on Flickr

“At the end of every dark path you travel there will always be light.”
Before jump in the dark path, I can walk away and tell myself that is not what I want to do. After jump in, I need tell myself even if this could be a dead end, I still need to keep going. Because if I am not keep going, I will never know what’s down there; If I am not keep going, I will never know what feels like in the journey, but I knows where the entrance is when I need it.
Because of the uncertain about my career status, it truly made me think about the journey of my life. It hasn’t been easy lately.
Thankfully for those pioneers who shared their journey, it encouraged me look into my challenges and deal with uncertainty, patient and how to quit taking personally . All the articles lead to FEARS. The uncertainty is associated with: afraid to fail, lost, be disappointed; The impatience is associated if my perfect plan will be able to carry out or not; After all, if things not working the way “I” want, then it’s probably “my fault”. YES! That is exactly what I thought when I have a bad day.
Three things I took away from the articles: One, it’s impossible to avoid fears because of our human nature. Two, uncertain is a part of nature and that is the beauty of the world and I need to learn how to be more flexible. Three, practice makes things better: Patience can be improved by practicing and with my mind-set to quit take things personally.
I followed the steps from the “Conquering Uncertainty: How to Overcome Fear of the Unknown”.
1. Identify what made me uneasy
I caught myself become anxious when things out of my hand which means losing the power of control and certainty made me uncomfortable.

2. Deal with it regardless

So, if what happened in the past or in the future out of my control, I seek things I can control. For example, two weeks after my final interview and I haven’t hear from the employer. I did 4 things as follow and it did help me off the hook:

1. Followed up the search committee and see if I can get any clues
2. Put myself back on the job searching
3. Looking for volunteer opportunities to enhance my abilities that some of the jobs required and I am lack of
4. Catch up with friends and family
Especially catch up with friends, they might not offer me a job, but the message “I am available “sent out. Plus, friends and family always are the most important spiritual support for me.
Unfortunately, there is no way I can avoid fears, but truly understand who I am and what is my fears and try to deal with it is the most important lesson that I am working on.
The time I spend in the dark path taught me at least two things: One, the person told me this is a dead end was right. Two, now I have another dead end story to tell!


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I am a visual person and a chart and graph nerd. It just how I understand things surrounded me.
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