This blog is about a first generation of female Asian American settled down in the mid-West at her early 30’s, trying to overcome her language barrier, develop a career and enjoy a new lifestyle. If you are interested read on.

I have been wanting to write my own blog for years. About 7 years ago, I noticed lots of people are writing blogs. I thought if I can also start doing it, it will improve my English, and it’s pretty cool to tell people that I have my own, too. However, after some research, I learned two things and knew I wasn’t capable yet. One, I need a purpose to write a blog; it means there must be a core value or theme. Two, it likes having a pet. I have to take care of it, feed it meaningful words and not letting it die on me.
Therefore, after seven years, I finally figure out what I want to write. It is my own story. Right, everyone can do it, but with a purpose. I want to share my story with others  and encourage them. So far, it hasn’t been easy, but I am lucky enough to get lots of support from family and friends. I want to let others who are facing similar difficulties to know it is just a process, and eventually we will be rewarded by our hard work! Don’t give up yet.

So in my blog you will find my blur and thoughts about:

1. Professional Development:(career building, coaching and networking) my struggles and what I learning from hearing people’s story.
2. Relationships: (the emotional part) family, friends.
3. Hobbies: About food(cooking, baking, and dinning out), photographing and gardening.
4. English learning (how people use a word)
My blog journey begins from here. Cheers!


About nczulauf

I am a visual person and a chart and graph nerd. It just how I understand things surrounded me.
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